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Cisco IOS XRv : instead of PUTTY !! use SECURECRT


First thing you should have noticed when you install and launch an XRv VM, is that black window that comes up when you hit console which is nothing other than PUTTY.

I’m not quite sure everybody agrees on this with me, but I hate working with PUTTY, I rather work with something organized, offering many tweaks possibilities AKA: the Mighty SECURECRT.

Cisco IOS XRv Step by Step Install and GNS3 integration


Hi and Welcome Again. In the following post I’ll try to guide you to perform a step by step installation of IOS-XRv to make it ready for use and a quick integration on GNS3 to start labbing.

IOS XRv : Unleash the beast

The Hulk 1

Oh yeah. It’s true, it’s real, IOS XR can be run and simulated, and what has been a nightmare for everyone trying to work with it at home, or at office for labbing, has become ready and available to use. 

the following post provide an overview of IOS XRv, how to have it and what are the requirement to run it.

Enjoy reading.

LACP 1:1 Backup


Hello and welcome. Today I’m going to present a feature that you might need and which allow you perform 1:1 backup using LACP.