Cisco IOS XRv : instead of PUTTY !! use SECURECRT


First thing you should have noticed when you install and launch an XRv VM, is that black window that comes up when you hit console which is nothing other than PUTTY.

I’m not quite sure everybody agrees on this with me, but I hate working with PUTTY, I rather work with something organized, offering many tweaks possibilities AKA: the Mighty SECURECRT.


Ok let’s jump in and connect to our VM via SECURECRT.

VMs works with named Pipe to provide console connectivity, and unfortunately SECURTCRT doesn’t support it. To do so, we need a Proxy , a Soft in th Middle to do the Mapping from Named Pipe to whatever SECURECRT can understand and connect to.

Alexey Shvechkov provide us with a little but useful tool called NPTP (Named Pipe TCP Proxy) which stand between the VM and SECURECRT to do the mapping of a Named Pipe to a TCP Port. Like so, SECURECRT can easily telnet to this port a grant access to VM’s Console.

To start, download NPTP here: NPTP Download

Install is straight forward.

Once it’s done, launch NPTP, right click on the middle of its screen and hit add :


This is where you add your VM’s connection properties. Pipe Name is the most important of all, and to find it you should look at the settings of your VM, at the Serial Ports :

Pipe name

Notice now, the Port/File Path is your Named Pipe, so all you have to do is Copy/Past to NPTP.

Specify the port, i used 2019 in my example but feel free to use whatever you want, just make sure it doesn’t overlap with no other session.

Hit Save to finish .

All the work on the proxy is done now. One final step is to create the SECURECRT session.

Go to SECURETCRT, choose Quick Connect, and Telnet to your Localhost on the specified port :


Hit connect, and … (suspense drum music :D ) there you are :


At NPTP it will show you that you are connected:

NPTP Connect

I hope it was clear and helpful,

Don’t hesitate if you need support, And don’t forget to Follow at Twitter @taoufikbelmekki.



10 Responses to Cisco IOS XRv : instead of PUTTY !! use SECURECRT

  1. I usually use Putty, and I’m happy with, but as you said SECURECRT it’s much better, Why not ? I will test it !
    I noticed that SECURECRT is not for free, you didn’t mention this in your post ?


  2. Ragav dit :


    I am using xshell and i see the below when i try to connect


    Connecting to…
    Connection established.
    To escape to local shell, press ‘Ctrl+Alt+]’.
    attaching console,wait …

    but its not connecting to the console.

    The NPTP status says « attaching pipe » but its not attaching

    • Admin dit :

      hi Ragav,

      i just had the chance to test the access via Xshell and it is working like a charm.
      can you please check the port number and NPTP configuration.

      mine says connected ;)

      Connecting to…
      Connection established.
      To escape to local shell, press ‘Ctrl+Alt+]’.
      attaching console,wait …connected!

  3. Ragav dit :

    Guess I am not lucky :(

    I followed the exact instructions but its not connecting.

    Any change need to be done in XR console config?
    Can you please share yours?


  4. Murph dit :

    Your tool was of great help….Thanks :)

  5. Paul Lanobre dit :

    Thanks Taoufik!

    I was also looking for an alternative to PuTTY so I try SecureCRT. It works pretty well, but I also try others. Finally I found MobaXterm ( It is free (SecureCRT was not as said Mohamed) and it is doing almost all what I want.
    There is a multitab SSH, Sftp and TFTP support. By the way, lot of things, and in addition it has a portable version.

  6. Bahaa dit :

    Thanks alot Taoufik for this helpful tutorial (jazakAllah khayran :))

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