IOS XRv : Unleash the beast

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Oh yeah. It’s true, it’s real, IOS XR can be run and simulated, and what has been a nightmare for everyone trying to work with it at home, or at office for labbing, has become ready and available to use. 

the following post provide an overview of IOS XRv, how to have it and what are the requirement to run it.

Enjoy reading.


  • Where to Download?

Cisco launched IOS XRv like around February 7th  (last month) and opened it to download via a first link which was amazingly full and couldn’t provide responses  after a brief period of due to the massif overall of downloads (sounds like DOS attack !!!)

 A new place to download the IOS XRv is via this link:

It will ask for your cisco login/pass ;).

  • Is it amazing?

Absolutely a big YES:

  • It provides a platform for Labs.
  • It is supported on Virtual Box and Vmware ESXi.
  • Is has the latest code 5.1.1 (this point is relatively amazing because of Bugs!! ).
  • It provide the most of the features to do in labs (routing, MPLS …).
  • It is Manageable via Console and Telnet/SSH.
  • It can be run on a Laptop. (a good one).
  • How does my IOS XRv router looks like?
  • One Route Processor.
  • A bunch of Gig interfaces.
  • What are the requirements?

Those are the requirements (from Cisco’s Installtion Guide) to setup IOS XRv:

Parameter requirements
HDD 1 Disk of 3G.
RAM Min 3GB and Max of 8GB
CPU Min 1 CPU, Max 8 CPUs
SERIAL 1 Serial Port IOS XR Console , the Max is 4 Serials (Con,Aux and 2 Debugging)
NICs Min of 1 and Max of 128 if supported on the hypervisor.

The Memory requirement isn’t very much reel, i used it with only 1GB of RAM and it is working fine (OSPF and BGP), which make it easier to run on a Laptop.

Go for it XR Geeks Big Boss.


6 Responses to IOS XRv : Unleash the beast

  1. Rel1ct0 dit :


  2. Jamel dit :

    What user name and password should I use to download the image ?
    Is there an image with a dual route processor ?
    Please help.

  3. Cesar dit :

    Im watching your site, sounds good to can implement ios-xr in GNS3 and is very helpful, Im watching to that its necessary a username and password for access to server.

    In where place or what can i do to have a credentials to access and download ios?

    Thank you so much.

    Best Regards …

  4. Sunil dit :

    i’ve setup IOS-XR VirtualBox VMs on GNS3.
    when i’m doing the console it start booting but stuck on following errors :

    Dumping kernel printf messages
    Writing crashinfo done!
    Writing x86 kernel core file

    please help!!


  5. FrimosT dit :

    For the access at the web page is necessary to acces with your Cisco’s Credential, if you don’t have this credential, you´ll should created one!

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